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Our Pemberton Wine & Truffle Journey

We first discovered Pemberton as a stunning, untouched holiday destination for our then young family. Over the years of visiting we felt a connection with the land & the sweeping Karri forests. When an opportunity arose in 2012 to purchase our vineyard we jumped at the chance.

The vineyard had initially been planted in the mid 1990s & in 2013 under the direction of well known contract wine maker Bruce Dukes, we decided to produce our wines under our label, Below & Above.

A name playing homage to our second property, where we are growing black truffles below the ground whilst developing our small batch wine label above the ground.

Below & Above Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Merlot is taken from naturally low yield vines, and uses only the best five per cent of the 34 hectares under vine, creating distinctly small batch, precious wine.

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Today our wines are highly awarded. Having won 2018 & 2019 People's Choice award at Pinot Palooza (and Singapore too) & Urban Wine Walk Summer series. Nothing is overlooked and no corners cut: it is this style of winemaking that guarantees rarity, quality of origin, outstanding fruit and wine.

Being small batch means each season we produce limited amounts, which can be purchased via our online store or by request through your local independent wine store. Our wines are sold bottled aged for optimal drinking.

While still a relatively new winemaking region, Pemberton is celebrated for its biodiversity and beauty; its picturesque, rolling hills and well-tended vineyards, bordered by ancient Karri forest. It is the complex and specific interaction of climactic conditions here that creates distinctly precious produce, off the vine and from the earth, the inspiration for our name Below and Above.

The next part of the Below & Above story taps into the region's culinary mystique. We purchased a second property in Manjimup which has been planted with French, English Oak and English Poplar trees that will produce a large, commercial quantity of rare, black truffles (Tuber melanosporum). We had the first findings of truffles in 2019 and we hope to have a commercial quantity of truffles which will be exported around the world by 2023.

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Over eight years, the Klepec family has focused on agriculture that honours this wonderfully biodiverse region. We are creating a new era of varietally correct, world class, fine wine from the Pemberton vineyard with the first releases of 2013 Pinot Noir and 2014 Chardonnay.

Since purchasing the vineyard, 6.6 hectares were replanted to Gingin Chardonnay and the coveted 114, 115, 777 and G8V3 Pinot clones, along with 1.2 hectares of new, close planted (1 x 1.5 metre) 667 Pinot, and 181 and Q45v14 Merlot clones.

In both properties we use the latest regenerative agriculture practices. Our ethos in both the Truffle and Vineyard is about the health of the soil and leaving the land in a better condition than we purchased it. There is a close relationship between truffle (same applies to our vines), root and tree health. The granule and fertigation program we   is completely non chemical or synthetic using only naturally found products.

We look forward to you trying our wines & falling in love with the best of Below & Above the ground.

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