Pinot Palooza Perth- WINNERS 2018

What a difference a year can make! Nolonger the “newest kids on the block”, we went into this event with moreconfidence and perhaps even a little more clout, after a bumper first year inthe market.  We also know our product andthe joy it brings to customers. We are making wine that we like to drink and moreimportantly you like to drink!


Our wine is making moves locally (andinterstate); it’s stocked at over 35 locations across the state and in Sydneyand Melbourne; and we’re old hands at wine events now! We love chatting to customersand sharing our story.


We took along our 2013 and 2014 Pinot Noirfor tasting, and were thrilled by the reception:


“Very good wine..” –


“Your pinot is sexy”




“Good balance”


“Love your story, Below & Above that’sclever linking the truffle”


The joy of wine is that taste is open tointerpretation! We welcome the opportunity to really engage with customers abouthow production and environmental factors inform flavour profile differently,each vintage. (The 2014 vintage was by far the crowd favourite.)


We’re always blown away by how much peopleseem to connect with our story, and wine making philosophy: particularly, howwe hold our wine back for optimal drinking.


Word of mouth spread fast, which saw asteady queue of people keen to taste and chat throughout the day. We thinkaround 300 Pinot-lovers stopped by over the six hours. (You know things aregoing well when even VIPs comment on the number of people at your stall!) Atsome stages the ques were four and five deep!!


To cap off what was already a prettyphenomenal event, Below & Above brought home the People’s Choice Award! Ahuge compliment considering the caliber of local, east coast and international Pinotrepresented! We were thrilled and very grateful


Thanks for having us, Pinot Palooza. We’lldefinitely be back next year.


Watch this space.