Pinot Noir: The unsung hero of the holiday season

But for wine lovers, there’s a special kind of joy to be found in pairing seasonal produce with the perfect wine. And let’s face it, in WA we are spoiled for choice on all counts: wine and food!

Pinot Noir is perhaps the unsung hero of the holiday season: it is incredibly versatile and is among the most food-friendly varietals you’ll find. You could almost say it’s made for entertaining.

So, how can you make the most of your Pinot-drinking this silly season? It’s simple:

·       Buy the right wine: Below & Above 2013 Pinot Noir.

·       Serve it properly.

·       Pair it with the right food.

You don’t have to look abroad or interstate to find amazing Pinot Noir: it’s here, in our own backyard. Pemberton produces some of the best Pinot Noir in the country!

Our 2013 Pinot Noir is distinctly fruit-forward with fragrant dewy rose and underlying exotic spices, and supple and balanced layers of dark, red cherry fruit, strawberries and cream offset earthy notes. Regarded as a light to medium bodied wine; French Oak and perfectly groomed tannins create a long, elegant finish and smooth mouth feel.

It’s delicate. It’s fragrant. It’s lively. You could even call it festive!                                                                                        

So, how should we serve it?

It should be served at room temperature ie about 22c is ideal. On an excessively hot day, consider chilling your Pinot Noir, only slightly below room temperature. You can do so by putting it in the fridge for 10 minutes, That should be enough to take the edge off.                                          

With what food should we pair our Pinot?

It wouldn’t be December without a grazing plate/table, or two! Open a bottle of Below & Above Pinot Noir to enjoy with appetizers: charcuterie or cheese (Brie, Camembert, Gruyere, and Chevre).

Pair with light meals like thin crust pizza straight from the oven, fresh seasonal salads (try adding goat cheese, pomegranate seeds and or figs), and spring vegetables like peas, beetroot and grilled asparagus.

For heartier, Christmas-style meals, our Pinot Noir marries well with duck (duck pancakes, seared duck breast, Peking duck); seared salmon or tuna; lobster or crayfish; roast beef tenderloin; roast pork loin with potatoes and herbs; pulled pork; rack of lamb, served pink; and mushroom risotto. There is no shortage of recipes available online.

Wine and chocolate lovers, rejoice: Pinot Noir plus chocolate equals a marriage made in heaven.

Milk, dark and white chocolate all work exceptionally well with lighter tannins and berry flavours: try chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate mousse or rich brownies (add berries!).

Drink it on its own, or paired with food: our Pinot Noir is a guaranteed crowd pleaser!

Merry Christmas!