Chardonnay at the Summer Table

While Chardonnay makes for great drinking all year round, the warmer months are the perfect time to really get to know the world’s most cultivated grape. Bright with a golden, yellow hue; subtle, fresh and very clean in aroma, punctuated by waves of juicy citrus: Below & Above 2014 Chardonnay sounds like summer in a bottle to us!

Elegant and mouth-filling, this wine is spicy yet smooth; intense and flinty; with cool, integrated acidity. The finely woven palate has a precise mineral core, long, lingering finish and focus.

Delicious, cool and refined.

What makes our Chardonnay exceptional is that it is delicious sessional drinking, and it shines when paired with light, summer fare.

 How can you make the most of your Chardonnay this summer?


·         Buy the right wine: Below & Above 2014 Chardonnay.

·         Serve it properly.

·         Pair it with the right food.


While there is no hard and fast rule about serving Chardonnay, there are some things you can do to maximize your enjoyment of this wine.

The most common mistake made with Chardonnay is over-chilling; easily done during Australian summers! A cold glass of white wine can be wonderfully refreshing; however, too cold and the flavours are masked by the chill. On the flip side, too warm and Chardonnay will taste alcoholic and “flabby” on the palate.

So how do we ensure we don’t rob ourselves of the full, flavoursome Chardonnay experience?The experts suggest mimicking classic, cellar conditions. If you’ve not got a wine fridge or cellar handy, the trick is to stick your Chardonnay in the fridge for an hour and a half, and pull it out 20 minutes before serving. Of course, depending on ambient temperature and setting (dining indoors or outdoors), you might have to tweak the out of fridge time.

Don’t just take our word for it, do a little experimenting of your own! Pour a small amount, smell it, taste it; and adjust accordingly. Get to know your Chardonnay! Now, let’s talk food pairings: Chardonnay is a spectacular food wine!

Of course, getting the best out of your Chardonnay means understanding how different styles of the varietal will suit different food pairings.

A cool climate Chardonnay like ours is perfect for an Aussie summer seafood feast! Sushi and sashimi; crayfish or lobster on the BBQ; steamed or grilled fish; seafood pâté; terrine (fish or chicken); and it is heaven on earth with fresh oysters.

In a more formal setting, our Chardonnay marries well with light pastas and risottos, and crisp, chopped summer salads.

The juicy citrus in our Chardonnay means dessert calls for seasonal fruit! Mango, passionfruit, cherries, strawberries, oh my! Think: berries marinated in balsamic and vanilla, lemon curd tarts, summer fruit meringues, or coconut, mango and lime semifreddo!

An entertainer’s dream: our Chardonnay belongs on your summer table!